Mediation is the resolutions of a conflict

More and more people and organizations are finding their way to a mediator. This is because mediation is becoming an increasingly important way to resolve conflicts. Mediation is effective, fast and cost-saving. It’s being handled with care and respect for each other’s interests.

Do you have a conflict?

I can help you resolve your conflict with third parties.

SF-Mediation&Advies is a network of experienced, qualified and specialized mediators with National and European coverage. Our main goal consists of delivering our mediation services to businesses, the government, and private individuals. I thrive on high quality, permanent and continuous expertise, this has made us stand out within the mediation market.

I am specialized in, business mediation,family mediation, mediation in labor disputes, mediation in criminal cases and mediation in government matters.

In addition to mediation, SF-Mediation&Advies has an impressive management, consultancy, and legal experience. We help our clients to find a solution for prevention, approach or resolution and to analyze the conflict leading into finding the most suitable result.

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