Mediation in criminal cases

Mediation between offender and victim? It works!

The purpose of mediation in criminal cases is to repair the damage caused by the perpetrator. This may include both the emotional consequences and material compensation.

Mediation in criminal cases makes it possible to get an answer to questions, to initiate the restoration of trust, to be able to process things and to make arrangements with each other.

Together we come up with solutions to prevent or repair recurrence. Introduce the outcomes in criminal proceedings so that the Public Prosecutor or the judge can take them into account in the decision to be taken. Prevent (repeating) recurrence.

Mediation can be a valuable addition to a court case, because in addition to the legal issue the people themselves are central. They have their own information and do the talking themselves. Prosecutors and judges who consider a case suitable for mediation can register the case with us.

Our mediators strive to involve all parties involved in the search for solutions from the start. We examine the different perspectives step by step, weigh the interests and make the dilemmas discussable. Our priority is to make connections in order to achieve solutions that are “supported” by all parties.

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