You can contact us as one of the conflict partners, but also as a third party/client (employers, occupational health and safety service, confidant, housing association, organizations, companies, government agencies, etc.) can contact us.


When we receive your request, the Mediator will contact you for an intake interview. An intake interview can also be done by telephone. If you prefer to have a personal conversation, an appointment will be made with you. During the intake interview, participants and those who are involved are mapped. The mediator checks participants who are legally involved and the subject of the conflict is determined. The mediator checks if all participants have a commitment to resolve the conflict through mediation. The mediator also checks the mandate (the authority of a party to make independent decisions and confidentiality.

Preparation phase

If all participating parties are willing to enter into discussions with each other and, with the help of a mediator, figure it out together, the parties will receive an information brochure about mediation and the Mediation Agreement with the general terms and conditions and an invitation to the mediation interview. Of course, the costs of mediation will be discussed.

The mediation interview

Before the mediation interview starts, the mediator checks that all formal acts have been observed. The Mediation Agreement is signed by all participating parties and the Mediator. If desired, the Mediation Agreement will be explained in advance. When the participating parties are ready, the mediator brings the participating parties into conversation with each other.

The mediator is a process supervisor and ensures that all proceedings run smoothly. If necessary, a follow-up appointment is planned. Parties are given the opportunity to discuss their views with their supporters, a lawyer or another expert and reach a conclusion. In this case, the parties can have a confidentiality agreement signed by this group of persons. If necessary and desired, the parties may also have a mediation conversation with their lawyer or expert.

Final phase

During the final phase, agreements that are made are brought to light. If desired, a settlement agreement or an appointment list is drawn up by the mediator and signed by the parties. If the participants want to give the settlement agreement an enforceable title, we can arrange an appointment with our cooperating notary. If after the mediation a petition to dissolve a marriage of a registered partnership has to be submitted to the Court, we will arrange this with our cooperating lawyers.

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