Mediation is an intervention by a mediator to bring two or more persons, parties or groups who have a dispute into contact with each other in order to reach a mutual solution.

How does mediation work?

With mediation you try to find a solution together with the other party. Mediation consists of conversations between you, the other person and the mediator. You sit at the table together. The mediator is the discussion leader and guides the process. This process starts with the signing of an agreement, the mediation agreement. It contains the rules of mediation and what the dispute is about.

Where does the mediation take place?

A location that is sheltered and agreeable. Our office is obviously truly appropriate for this. It is conceivable to go to your home or at another appropriate area that you need.

The mediator

The mediator ensures that everyone can tell their story.He/she encourages you to look together for arrangements that function admirably for everybody. The understandings that you make mutually to determine the outcome of the meeting are recorded in a settlement agreement.

What if it doesn’t work?

On the off chance that each party can’t reach a decision through mediation, the case can always be submitted to the court.

At the end of mediation

If a mediaiton process is successfully completed, agreements are made and recorded in a settlement agreement. The parties may consider having the settlement agreement recorded with the notary. This establishes that if one of the parties involved does not comply with the agreements, compliance can be obtained through the legal channels and you do not have to go to court. 


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