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About Songul Akkaya

“What you do today can improve your future”

Knowing that the current actions have a major impact on the future, is of great importance for a mediator. Only then can you mean something for a targeted solution to all forms of conflict.

Songul Akkaya is a mediator with a modern perspective on the approach to all forms of conflict. In her 20-year career, she has worked at various government and social institutions. Her knowledge and expertise of the cultural aspects of different population groups and the business world makes her a versatile mediator. Songul has a broad social, political and community background, which is useful to her in various forms of mediation. In addition, she acted as an integral safety advisor within government institutions and the business community. These days she is active as a full-time mediator within her practice SF-Mediation & Advies. She combines her broad interest, passion, and enthusiasm, with a strong analytical and empathetic capacity, which makes her an excellent modern mediator with a broad knowledge of ethnic aspects of different population groups and (international) business.

In its strategy, Songul strives for all parties involved to seek lasting solutions under targeted guidance. Her priority is to make connections in order to arrive at solutions that are supported by all parties. In that process, she constantly monitors the active involvement of the participants.

In her solution-oriented approach, Songul combines her knowledge of society, business, and government institutions with excellent communication skills. She strives to be a mediator as well as a conflict solver for individuals, professionals and the business world, whereby her enthusiasm and impartiality, neutrality, and reliability work inspiringly and effectively. She knows how to uncover the deep feelings and interests behind conflict and thereby create conditions for a sustainable solution.

Songul is affiliated with the ADR and is also internationally registered and certified with the ADR Register as a mediator and negotiator and specializes in Labor disputes, Family mediation, Mediation in Public affairs, Mediation in Criminal cases and Business mediation.