The costs of the mediation consist of a fee/honorarium and any other costs to be incurred. The hourly rate depends on the type of mediation and activities. The time spent is justified in the form of a specified cost overview. No office costs will be charged. SF – Mediation has its own mediation offices in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht. These are available for free.

Introductory meeting

Confidential matters are almost always discussed during mediation. The mediator must be neutral and impartial. It is important for you to feel comfortable with the mediator, feel free to mention everything. We offer a non-commitment introductory meeting, which can take place at a location of your choice or at an SF-Mediation & Advies location. During this consultation, the mediator will explain the working method and the mediation process to you. It will also allow you to ask any questions.

Who pays?

Usually, the parties in dispute each pay half of the costs, but they are free to make other arrangements about this. In conflicts between employer and employee, the employer often pays the costs. Whoever pays the bill has no influence whatsoever on mediation. Such conditions must also be written in the mediation agreement. This agreement is legally binding, so parties including the mediator must abide by it.

Why is mediation cheap?

Both parties would only need one mediator in total. There is no need to get a lawyer. Note that the hourly rate of a mediator is lower than that of a lawyer. Usually only three to four meetings are needed, with each meeting lasting two hours. While legal proceedings take time and are more expensive. The court’s ruling will often disappoint one of the parties, but mediation provides a solution for both parties.

But of course, the result is the most important reason for choosing mediation. You help settle a contention together and it is not uncommon for the mutual relationship to improve considerably or even to be fully restored.

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