Mediation in labor disputes

Mediation is a successful method for resolving labor disputes. Valid laws and regulations require the employer to make an effort to constructively consult with the employee and to try to find a suitable solution together. Mediation offers room to discuss personal aspects and communicate problems that often underlie conflicts in the office (dismissal, reintegration, cooperation, reorganization, employee participation, pension disputes, illness, etc.).

The mediators of SF-Mediation & Advies create the most optimal conversation conditions in order to come to a joint solution. We are aware of all “legal frameworks” and we know how to act in even the most complex conflict situations. As an impartial and independent discussion partner, the mediators will guide the labor mediation process towards the desired solution, taking into account the obligations that apply to the employer and the employee. In the event that you have arrived at an understanding, the agreements made will be recorded in a settlement agreement which must be signed by all parties involved.

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